Everywhere we turn life is becoming hyper social and digital. For those of you who have and maintain your social networks kudos! If you’re lagging behind on keeping your profile information up-to-date on your social media accounts here are some tips fromJRP New Orleans Marketing Director on how to take advantage of social media to help you be open and connect with opportunities:

Facebook Fan Page
: If you’re an actor, I suggest building a fan page that is professional and separate from your personal profile. The benefit is it’s an interactive online press kit that anyone can view especially if you don’t have a website. Your fan page should focus mostly on news, images, videos, and updates on your current work.

Twitter & Instagram: Twitter and Instagram are two great resources to share your press, information, and work. With the #hashtag and @ feature you have direct access to other actors, celebrities, directors, casting directors, etc making your posted content searchable and accessible. If you’re trying to get your new acting or modeling projects some publicity, Twitter & Instagram are the most effective. Best of all when you post on one you can automatically upload to the other.

MeetUp.com: Don’t like being stuck behind a screen socializing? Meet up is an excellent site that gives people the opportunity to plan and execute gatherings in their neighborhood based on similar interest like acting, modeling, singing, etc. The best way for an actor to use this service is to search for production and studio related events. At meet ups, you can expect a much more laid back vibe (unless noted otherwise) with people who just want to meet other people. You never know who you’ll meet, and at the end of the day, enjoying the company of like-minded individuals is wonderful.

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Punk: utilitarian anti-fashion that was nonetheless raw, angry, and intimidating. The rejection of the mainstream culture and social statements graphitied on ripped t-shirts and dusty cut up jeans. From the hair to the attitude “punk fashion” has inspired modern high-fashion over the decades allowing everyone to part take in his or her own rendition of rebellion. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gautlier, and Alexander McQueen commercialized the essence of the punk art form into their designs.

    This year the NYC Metropolitian Museum of Art 2013 spring costume exhibition “Punk: Choas to Couture”, will examine the birth of the movement to its current visual influence. However, year after year the opening of the Met exhibit isn’t your ordinary art collection debut. The Met Gala is a couture-fashion production as the A-list Gals and Gents of Hollywood and the fashion realm command their presence on the red carpet. What makes this red carpet so divine is the celebs interpretation on theme of the Met grand exhibit. With this year’s theme paying a tribute to Punk and all its glory, celebs took a walk on the wild side with couture styles of nostalgic hard leather, tartan accents, sexy fishnets, grungy safety pins, and attitude spikes.

    With vogue streaming the red carpet extravaganza live you had the opportunity to be part of the crowd from the comfort of your screen. The biggest disappointed were the celebs that didn’t embrace the creative theme in their attire and simply went the traditional Hollywood red carpet glam. Of course there were the handful of eye-sores but, with a theme like “punk” is there such a thing as overdoing it?

Check out the pics below of the top 5 celebs who rocked out and nailed the theme with class, the top 5 that just screamed chaos, and top 5 men who did more (or less) than show up in a black tux.

Written by blog contributor: Alysha E. Jean 

Here are our top five favorite Red Carpet looks for last nights 2013 Oscars Academy Awards. This was a tough choice but based on overall elegance, fan favorites, and attention to details we think you'll agree who made their mark on the Oscars Red Carpet. Who wins number one on our list? Share your reviews! 

The 1989 film, “Steel Magnolias” depicts a group of women living through love and loss in the great state of Louisiana. The original movie cast a remarkable catalog of actresses including Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah, Shirley MacLaine, and Olympia Dukakis. However, when the Lifetime Network had the opportunity to make a modern version of this iconic film, they jumped at the chance! The new version, which should premiere this year will feature an all African-American cast of equally fabulous talent. Actress and singer, Queen Latifah will take on the role of “M’Lynn”, with Alfre Woodard as “Ouiser”, Phylicia Rashad as “Clairee”, Grammy winner Jill Scott will be in the part of “Truvy”, Adepero Oduye will play “Annelle” and Condola Rashad will take on Roberts’ part of “Shelby”.  Sources are not certain if the film will still be set in Louisiana, but they are confident that it will shoot in Atlanta, GA.
Taking on the task of remaking such a famous, and favored film, poses many challenges. But the production staff for this film is equally as talented as the new cast. Sony Pictures Television will produce the new “Steel Magnolias”, and the movie will be executively produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (of "Chicago" and "Hairspray"), as well as actress Latifah. The three have worked together before on several projects and are hopeful to sustain their creative chemistry. Kenny Leon of "A Raisin in the Sun" will be consulting on the script as it is adapted for television.

This incredible talent and exciting new project has audiences and industry experts all anxious for its’ release. Helen Verno, Vice President of Movies and Miniseries at Sony Pictures Television even said that it is “an honor… to be revisiting the classic Sony film Steel Magnolias under the creative auspices of our producing partners…acclaimed director…and  team of brilliant actors.”

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